New Year New You?



I’m sure you’re all wondering why a new years post wasn’t made on the 1st of January. The answer is it’s my damn blog and I do what I want!!!!


Time is always moving forward, are you?

“Duh of course. Why wouldn’t I be?”

Well did you meet all your goals in 2017?


Do 2018 differently.

Here is the format where everyone goes wrong:


I want to  _______

Or everyone’s favorite that they never do

I want to lose weight.


Spot the issue? Ah whatever. Here’s the solution to real goals. BE SPECIFIC. You can’t meet a goal with no deadline dummy. This will make you a cut above the rest of these simpletons.


I want to _______ by *insert date*


I want to lose X amount of weight by *insert date*


Meet your goals. Don’t follow them around. No one likes a stalker. Unless they’re into it I mean who am I to judge.


I hope 2018 is the bee’s knees for you!



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