Ep. 12 Magic Mind – Peter Turner FULL

Peter Turner:

Guys this is incredible… he first got into magic at 4 years old, but unlike many of us who started out with a “magic kit” he couldn’t afford books, products, leaving him with no option other than to create effects for himself. It was only 2 years later, at age 6 that he had his first performance
In fact, as a young adult he was so poor, that he worked 3 jobs, lived in a 2-bedroom apartment in the projects… and would run an extension cord from the neighbor’s house just to have electricity… because otherwise it was too expensive.
Despite all of that. Listen close, because this is an important point for me… he is where he is today because he worked. If you think that Peter Turner is better than you, it’s because he has put in more time than you.

Now I tend to call everyone who comes on this show living legends, because they genuinely are to me… but with Pete, he becomes more and more of a legend with every performance he gives, and every person he meets…
Based on where he came from, we know that he wasn’t just born into the lucky sperm club. He worked to get to where he is today, making him not only a legend, but a self-made legend.

Peter represents a new era of mentalism brought about by his unique perspective that took the community by story. Based on the idea that it is easier to use linguistic acrobatics than it is sleight of hand to give the spectator an unforgettable experience.
He is well known for his story telling, because his stories are scripted in a way that is designed to create as much of a connection with the audience as possible. To see an example of this, one mustn’t look beyond Isabella’s Star 2.
His linguistic acrobatics and world class storytelling culminate to an experience for his audience that is unique to him, and I believe the purest form of mentalism that I’ve ever seen.
In the interview that I had with Dan Harlan, Dan called Peter the best in the world when it came to propless mentalism.
Despite his fame in the magic community for being a leader in the rise of propless mentalism, he is well versed in all forms of mentalism, and equipped to use the right tool for the job (so to speak)
I’m so grateful to him on the show,
Someone who I’ve followed for a very long time,
None other than Pete Turner

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