Ep. 13 Magic Mind – Chris Funk


Though he’s young, he’s been in magic for over 23 years. When he wasn’t yet a full-time magician, he found a job working at Toad Hall Toys, and whenever he had a spare moment on the job, he would spend his time reading magic books. At 6 years old his parents set him on a path playing the violin. When he became a full-time magician however, instead of abandoning the skills that he had acquired playing music, he found ways to incorporate it into his act.

In fact, his entire routine on Penn and Teller Fool Us revolved around a deck of cards, and a violin.

Music seems to be an ongoing theme with Chris, as you can find on the internet right now a video of Chris performing some dove productions on stage while the WSO orchestra plays behind him.

He’s the host of on online magic show called Wonder Wednesday,


He has over 1.4 million views on his youtube channel,

Over a million views on stage, and

OVER 200,000,000 VIEWS ON TV


You may know him from his performances on Agt, Fool us, Wizard Wars… or maybe you know him from magic releases

Such as:

GPS 2.0

Executive Clip

Or One Dollar Mystery


The Wonderist himself,

Chris Funk


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