Ep. 11 Magic Mind – Jamie D. Grant Interview

Jamie D. Grant:

As a modern-day entrepreneur, Jamie wears many hats in his day to day life.
He is a paramedic, writer, artist, and magician… who chooses to focus on committing specific acts of kindness.
In fact, back in 2013, Jamie gave a TEDx talk on the idea of committing specific acts of kindness, instead of random acts of kindness. The premise was that we should be seeking out ways to help others, instead of letting the occasions occur by happenstance, and I recommend that everyone watching right now go watch the TEDx talk, I’ll include links near this video.

In that talk, he also goes through his creation of the “Anything is Possible Bottle”. An unaltered glass bottle, with a newly wrapped deck of cards inside.
This project eventually became a campaign to “QUOTE send wonder”. As a specific act of kindness, for 100 days he would leave an “Anything is Possible Bottle” somewhere random, for a stranger to find. The project continued beyond those hundred days, has gained contributors, and is still going on to this day.

As a magician, he has performed for celebrities, charities, and companies such as Disney, Cirque du Soleil, and the University of British Columbia (where he also taught MAGIC 101).

He’s written a book called “The Approach”, which is a complete guide on becoming a professional magician.
The book has received critical acclaim from magicians and authors such as Ken Webber (The author of Maximum Entertainment).

He is the host of Magic Friday, a review show where he would learn a trick, and go perform it as many times as possible during the day… then give an honest review of his experience with the trick.

He’s been featured on the front cover of Jeanie magazine…

And Ripley’s Believe it or Not… twice! Once for his Anything is Possible Bottle, and again for doing something that many magicians pretend to be able to do. Memorizing a shuffled deck of cards in under a minute.

I’m honored to have on,
The man who 1 year ago, was kind enough to personally send me a free sample of his book
Jamie D. Grant


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