Ep. 10 Magic Mind – Adam Wilber Interview

What started off as a 6 year old fooling his dad with a silk vanish has turned into a lifelong obsession with magic and mentalism.
Adam Wilber has made appearances on
Good Morning America
The Discovery Channel
Wizard Wars
National Geographic
Penn and Teller Fool Us (soon to be)
Magic Castle,
and many more…

But his already impressive resume becomes even more impressive when you consider some of the gigs that he’s done in the past… Performing for companies such as:
Google, Hilton Hotels, NCIS, Intel, and BMW.

All of this has earned him the nickname of “The Worker”.

BUT, odds are that he’s even more famous to guys for his work in the community…

You likely know Adam as the General Manager of Ellusionist (one of the largest magic companies in the world)…

Through Ellusionist, we’ve been fortunate enough to see some of Adam’s releases such as:

-Pyro: A crazy advanced piece of magic that let’s you shoot fire from your wrist.

-Decibel: Another crazy advanced piece of magic that let’s you push music to a set of borrowed earbuds invisibly.

And my favorites such as:

-The Worker, and Working Man DVDs…
which focus on practical, real world magic, featuring live performances.
This interview is with “The Worker” himself, Adam Wilber.



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