I Will Make You Appreciate a Thousand Timer

1000 Timer- Magic Mind

This is your thousand timer magic trick…

A. Thousand. Times…

-That’s 3 zeros… 1000.

In other words, if you performed a trick twice a day, every day, for a year… it still wouldn’t be a “thousand timer”.

Yeah, it’s a lot…  another thing –

“thousand timer” is not the same as

-“trick that I’ve done a lot”


-“trick that I’ve done 1000 times in front of the mirror”…

Image result for practicing in mirror

When you have a “thousand timer” that you’ve done a thousand times for an audience, you have seen everything that could possibly happen during the trick, to the point that you have a line prepared for if the spectator sneezes on their card. Whenever someone says “do a trick”, you know that you can always do this one.

There’s is no longer any conscience thought that goes into any of the sleights, the routine, everything can be on autopilot. Everything that once was hard, is now second nature, and you can now focus 100% on performance and engaging your audience.

I use my “thousand timer” as my opener, because I believe that the most important trick to get right 100% of the time is your opener.

If you mess up the first trick, or you stumble through it, it sets a bad tone for the rest of the show.

So how do you do a trick 1000 times?

I’m glad you asked my MagicMinded friend,

you’re going to need 2 things:

  • A Trick

    I recommend first choosing a trick that’s quick and visual if you’re choosing to develop this as an opener. The reason I recommend doing a quick trick, is because naturally you’ll be able to do it more than a trick that takes 5 minutes- simple as that.

    I use 2 Card Monte (who cares if it’s cliche, it’s an amazing routine).

  • The confidence to do magic for strangers

    Is where people run into the most trouble. There really no way around it though, you’re going to need to do this for a LOT of people, and eventually you’ll run out of friends and acquaintances.

    I could spend a lifetime writing about developing the confidence it takes, but for now, connect with other magicians. Trying to overcome obstacles as big as this on your own is very scary, but having people supporting you can make it possible.

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