We Got that On Camera!? (Guest Story)

October 2016,

the annual festival in Brush, Colorado…

Oktoberfest was here, and just like last year, I was going to perform at the street corner.

So I found my camera lady and put her to work. She knew the drill: follow me, video me, get reactions, and most important, stay out of the way…

Somehow she managed to screw most of that up


I still love her… and it’s hard to find someone to follow me around for free.

As I’m out searching for my target to do some magic for, I noticed that Oktoberfest had a lot more drunks hanging about than last year… but I needed a fairly bigger challenge.

I needed good footage today as well for my youtube channel (which I had been neglecting for some time now).

Eventually I ran into these two girls promoting a bar near the event who happened to be wearing bikini’s… yes, I was a single teenager at the time.

I motioned to my camera girl that it was show time. I approached them with my anxiety filled confidence and asked if they would like to see some magic.

I was all set with the things in my bag and no set up what so ever…

the perfect chaotic disaster for some improv, my favorite form of an adrenaline rush.

they were excited and willing to see some magic.

*I’ll skip over the major details and get to the trick that changed my perspective on magicand helped me start my way into heavier and more fantastic delight*

My first cold read.

I had noticed on the blonde that she had a scar/ burn on her hand in a very irregular shape. It was that symbol from that Harry Potter movie with the triangle the circle and the line in the center.

I was about to ask her like… “yo? what’s wrong with you??”…but then I realized that she must have been a crazed fan.

To be clear, I like harry potter, but I haven’t read a single book. I’ve only seen the movies, and I couldn’t tell you a single thing about them.

But my crazy fanatic sister had watched it several times and I saw the symbol all over the house when she couldn’t stop drawing it, so I knew it had to be related to the series somehow, and thus began the trick of a lifetime.

I thought long and hard of a question to ask her to begin the cold read, and then noticed that a crowd of about 40 people had formed to see what I was doing.

This was a real gamble.

Look bad in front of this huge crowd I made… or go for the cold read.

I was feeling lucky and took my chances.

I asked her to think of any movie… I thought to myself, “THAT WAS TOO NARROW!! THINK OPENLY!! YOU BARELY KNOW THE NAME OF THE FIRST EPISODE” So I quickly but calmly changed the question to pick any series of movies.

She did so, and seemed confident in her choice. Just then an audience member blurted out, “STAR WARS!!” And like a mind-reading machine, I simply said to the audience member: “Don’t say Star Wars, she obviously thinking about Harry Potter“.

In that very moment, she screamed and went completely crazy. I had this huge smile on my face and then came to realize that I had the whole thing on camera.

– Kendric Oldenberg


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