Meeting Magic Celebrities In Real Life

Gregory Wilson- Magic Mind

2 days ago, I went to my first magic convention.

9 hours and $120 dollars later (I bought a couple of tricks), I left the event with one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

If you’ve never been to a convention, or worse, never met other magicians… we need to fix that.

Before this convention, I had been to a few IBM meetings, and had only really come to know a few magicians personally. To some people, that may seem like a lot…

but this convention showed me how important it is to be around like-minded magicians, and more importantly, magicians who are better than you.

I would say that there were about 200 magicians. I met Gregory Wilson, Brent Braun (seen on Fool Us), Nick Locapo and Chris Beason (from Penguin Magic), along with many many other performers.

Gregory Wilson is a magician that I have looked up to for almost as long as I’ve been doing magic.

Meeting him was quite an experience, and seeing his material live almost gave me a heart attack. I watched him steal someone’s watch from just a few feet away, and it was gorgeous.

Yes, could go on about how he’s a great guy and how his material is on another level, BUT, I’d rather talk about the effect of being in a room with 200 other magicians.

I have never felt more inspired to perform and practice magic than during that convention.

Normally the reservation that people have about performing magic is they might be caught, but I’ve noticed that since all magicians understand this, there’s less of a “gotcha” vibe to performing for magicians, and more of just an appreciation for the craft. Plus we all know how the tricks work anyways.

Put simply, there’s a lot less pressure when performing for your fellow magicians

(as long as they’re not jerks… pro tip: don’t perform for jerks).

One of the iconic features of any magic convention is that there are always vendors. I LOVE vendors. They’re always showing off the newest tricks, and often will explain the methods before you buy something. Buying magic online is great, but sometimes have misleading videos/trailers. When you get to preview magic in person, what you see is what you get.

Another thing that I realized, is that nowadays we see magic online so much, I had completely forgotten how much more powerful magic is in person, especially when seeing it from the experts. I felt like a laymen again, and it felt great!

It truly makes you want to perform and strive to be as good as the experts, because you’re reminded of the feeling that you can give others by performing mind blowing magic.

If you’re able to go to a lecture or convention, here’s my advice:

  1. Find out who will be there in advance
  2. Pick out the people that you want to meet
  3. Prepare an effect to show them (optional)
  4. Stay until the very end of the convention (mandatory)

The reason that you want to stay until the end, is that’s when the cool magicians will all get together and talk. Conventions are crazy and busy, but if you stay until the end, you’ll get the opportunity to spend some time with the magicians that you look up to.

I stayed until the end, and got to spend time with the guys from Penguin Magic (Brent, Nick, and Chris). In fact, I even got an interview with Nick and Chris (coming soon).

Unfortunately in this case Greg Wilson was in a rush to catch a plane back to California, to go perform at the magic castle… he’s a busy guy. But there are plenty of stories of people spending time with him until the early hours of the morning, practicing and discussing watch steals, card tricks, really anything.

So. If you’re a magician and you get the opportunity to go to a convention; go. If not, at least look for a lecture coming to your area, or a local ring of magicians.

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