When Testing a Trick Goes Wrong (Story)

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I lied… and I am deeply sorry.

In my last blog post, I told you that I wouldn’t try any new tricks at my next gig…

I’ll make it up to you by telling you a story about ONE of the new things that I tried last night.

This is the effect of the new trick that I tried, in a nutshell:

A deck of cards, sandwiched between the spectator’s hands turns into a block of glass.


Okay, here’s the story… 

It was early into the night, and I still felt a bit anxious about talking to people, doing magic, being entertaining… basically just doing my job in general.

Despite all of that, I somehow found myself standing and performing in front of a group of 5 people…

I had done a few tricks thus far, all of them to this small group, and they had all gone exceptionally well. The spectators were great, and I was feeling elevated from the success… SO… in a sudden burst of bravery, I overcame my anxiety and decided to try something new.

I went for it, knowing that no matter what happened from that point on, that I had already impressed this small, comfortable group of just 5 people.

That burst of bravery only lasted for a moment, before I was instantly back to being very nervous about bringing out the new trick, BUT,

still 100% committed to doing it…


That’s when 10 new people showed up all of a sudden, wanting to see some magic.


Ahh jeez!

Damn it, damn it, damn it.

The pressure’s on…

Forget the commitment! Could I somehow switch to a different trick?

Nope. Too late.

I had already set up for this one….

Fine. Champions are made in these kinds of moments, right?

Not to worry! Everything was going to be fine!!!!!!!

I had practiced this trick for myself in the mirror for a solid 5 minutes before going to the party…


Dear God,

why do I do this to myself?


My hands and my mind disconnect. The hands proceed to do the steps required of them in order to perform the effect, while my mind watches in horror from a million miles away…

One minute into the trick, nothing has gone wrong yet, but my mind will not let me relax…


Okay. It looks like we’re about to get to a point in point in the trick where I don’t really think that anything can go wrong…

[he said… foreshadowing the fact that something would inevitably go wrong]

The lady that I am doing the trick to has the deck of cards between her hands, and I am just about to make her aware of the fact that the deck of cards has transformed into a block of glass while inside of her hands.

All of a sudden… she starts to congratulate me, and tells me that I did a great job?


It seems like… for some reason, she is under the impression that the trick is already over… but how!?

She hasn’t yet realized the transformation…

I watch her casually uncover the block of glass from between her hands without looking at it or noticing it…

Okay, now what?

She proceeds to engage in casual conversation with me and the rest of the group, all the while fiddling with the block of glass in her hands…. that she STILL hasn’t noticed!

Everyone else in the group is reacting to the effect, but like me, are stifling their reactions so that the lady doesn’t notice what’s going on.

We are all (except for the lady), WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT… thinking the same thing:

“What’s about to happen”?

After about 10 seconds of conversation, she went to hand me back the “deck”…

only to look down at her outstretched hand and see a block of solid glass.





Her jaw drops.


Her face instantly flashes expressions of surprise, shock, and horror, all paired with a contagious laughter that ripples throughout the group.

Her jaw is still hanging as she inspects the transformed deck that she had been holding. She looks up at me:






I join in everyone’s laughter, grateful to have been a part of whatever just happened.

  • The Lesson

    Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, just roll with it 🙂

    Maybe it’ll end up better than anticipated.

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